Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm A Fake, You're A Fake, We're All Fake For Goodness Sake

For goodness sake, or what people tend to think is for goodness sake, we tell little white lies to each other everyday, often to make each other feel better. We answer "yes" when asked if we like the homemade cookies our coworker thoughtfully baked and brought into work for us, even if we don't. We tell people "it's ok" even when it's not and we do things we don't want to do simply to appease someone else.  Is this ok? Maybe.... but it's still being fake.
For years, I have prided myself on not being fake but I've just recently realized, after much thought and carefully recalling recent events in my head, that I am! I try to live a wholesome life and be a truthful person but the truth is, I do it all too. I omit, I have trouble saying "no" to people and I struggle with how to word things. These all play a part in being phoney.
I don't know what I can do to change it, or even if I will, but for now I'm just glad that I can acknowledge I am this way. Until I figure it all out, I can at least be honest to myself in knowing that I admit I AM in fact a fake!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

"I realized that if I'm obsessing about my own feelings,
I'm not present with the people around me-and frankly 
of no use to them."-Jane Lynch

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mother's Day Reminder - For The Cows on Dairy Farms

This Mothers' Day, Remember The Cows On Dairy Farms
Mother’s Day is a special time to honor moms for their caring, patience and unconditional love. The bond between a mother and her offspring is a powerful love like no other. In the dairy industry, all the cows are Moms - kept pregnant their whole lives, never able to experience this deep bond with their offspring.

If you want to stop using the animal products which cause the most suffering, you might want to consider eliminating dairy and eggs first. The misery that female cows endure is arguably worse than that of their brothers slaughtered for beef. Dairy facilities are gigantic machine-filled buildings, more like a factory than a farm. During the milking process, if the machines are not properly maintained, they can send painful electric shocks through the udder several times a day. These animals are treated harshly, with no room for sensitivity to their comfort or simple needs. All these Moms are either pregnant or lactating, yet their babies are nowhere to be seen.

Like all mammals, female cows only lactate when pregnant. To maximize milk production, dairy cows are kept pregnant their entire short life. Each year, she will be artificially inseminated on what industry terms a "rape rack" or with the farmer’s arm. A cow's natural life span is about 20 years. In this highly intensive farming, however, the stress on her body will diminish her milk output after about 3 years. She is then what the industry calls "dried up." It is more lucrative to send her to slaughter and replace her. Her body will be sold as ground beef.

To insure the highest volume of milk, the calf is taken away from her immediately after birth. Even in supposedly "humane" dairy production, to maintain a profit, cows are sent to slaughter and the calves taken away. This is also to avoid the mother/calf bonding. Mother cows have been known to break down the stall in an attempt to find their offspring.

Imagine for a moment being kept pregnant every year of your life, just to have every baby taken away from you and your milk pumped into machines. What happens to these millions of baby cows? A female calf will follow in her mother's hoof-prints, yet she will never know her mother or suckle her milk, being raised on a bottle formula. But what of the males?

A male calf born to a dairy cow is the wrong breed to profitably be raised for beef. His fate is much worse. Veal is the soft, pale, anemic flesh of a calf. Veal calves are kept inside in a crate barely bigger than themselves. Chained at the neck, they can't even turn around. They are fed a liquid diet deficient in iron, so their muscles don’t develop properly. These babies never see their 1st birthday. Many people recognize the cruelty in raising veal and will not eat it, yet are unaware of the intimate connection between the dairy and veal industries. Supporting one supports the other.

So honor all Moms this Mother’s Day and try some non-dairy milk. There is a wide variety to choose from- soy, rice, almond, coconut, oat, hemp. If you don’t like one, try another. They are diverse in taste and texture. Non-dairy cheese has come a long way. Try “Follow Your Heart” cheese and “Daiya” cheese. Both these brands will make some melt-in-your-mouth, cruelty-free enchiladas that everyone will love. (Especially the mama cows!)
From In Defense of Animals

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So In Sync

It's true that kids can be unpredictable. They are their own beings and have minds of their own. Since a very young age, I've tried to instill independence in my kids in hopes they will become capable & self-reliant individuals. They will take from life what they will, and I have no control over how they absorb the lessons or what they do with the information from there. Everyone's learning style is different. Everyone's interpretation of things varies.  As a parent, all I can do is offer the experiences.
I'm realizing as I raise my boys that they are very different from one another. I often don't understand Callum at all which makes parenting parenting, really. I love him dearly but he is very unpredictable to me. My oldest however, is just like me. Not only physically, but he is me personality wise and he learns how I learn.... through emotion. I feel like some days I can read his mind. I can feel what he is explaining to me before he even gets all the words out. I can see in his face when he's troubled and my heart crushes when he cries because I feel his pain. He wears his heart on his sleeve and I can read him like an open book. He can also sense when I'm having an off day. He and I are so in sync. He is my clone. My Mini-Me. And one of my two wonderful creations in this life.

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