Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello 2012, I'm Ready For You.

So it's Saturday December 31st, 2011 and I'm up at six o'colock in the morning because I can't sleep. New Years has always been one of my most favourite times of the year and I'm most excited about this year in particular. I have plans. I have real immediate plans and I have plans to make plans for the more distant future. Plans that will have an positive impact on my life and hopefully on others as well. Plans that will feed my soul the energy it craves by doing something profound, something that will make a difference to someone in this world. Something that will matter. I'm also ready to accept what once was, is no longer. Without the closure I deserve but never recieved I've stuggled with moving on from a long time friendship that ended early in the year. I'll never understand fully how that came to be but it is what it is and I owe it to myself to just get over it. I've also experienced a taste of what the 'Empty Nest Syndrome' will be like with the phasing out of my home daycare in 2011. I ran it successfully for six straight years but as of June the children were of age to be in school full time; and they don't need me anymore. There are all kinds of stories and photos and posts here on this Blog and on my Facebook Wall about the appreciation I have for the kids I spent so much of my life with all of those years. It's sort of ironic because it was my job to teach them, ... however I learned so much from them about myself and my gratitude for that cannot be described in words; only felt in my heart. But ..they've grown up now. Which leaves no reason at all why I shouldn't do the same and just get on with it. In 2012 I'll accept what once was, is no longer. (well, I promise to try to) Looking ahead, and in the spirit of making New Years Resolutions, here are mine: I'll minimalize, de-clutter and do a full house cleanse of 'stuff' that we don't need in hopes it'll get me organized in a way that leaves for more quality time in my family life. I'll keep loving my friends. I'll continue to stand up for the rights of animals and for the rights of our human race. I'll be smarter with money this year; I'll think before I spend. I'll cook more this year, and use all my wicked vegan cookbooks my sister & Patty have bought for me over the last few years. (and maybe shed some pounds in the process! ..maybe) Overall, throughout every plan I make, for every interaction I encounter and for all the resolutions I create in this coming year, I'll keep true to myself. I look back with no regrets and ahead with a clear mind. Hello 2012, I'm ready for you. Cheers!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Revolution Between The Lines

My sister and Patty sent me this wicked shirt from Vancouver and it needs to be shown off here, blog style :)

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Limited Perspective

This evening I attended my children's 'Holiday' School Concert. In years past this school has put on phenomenal concerts that have included equal mentions from many cultures and how people of various ethnicities take part the number of holidays there are to be celebrated in this world. Tonight was of enormous disappointment to me. A huge screen was pulled down in front of the stage, some kids came out and did a skit on the "Christmas Story". I honestly thought they were going to start acting out a scene from the "A Christmas Story" film where they tell Ralphy he'll "shoot his eye out" ...but to my surprise, they meant it in the biblical sense. The kids began telling the audience about Mary and Joesph, they talked about Jesus in his manger, and threw out the "g" word on a number of occasions. Next, all of the children, including my boys start belting out the words to a very religious sounding song!! I was floored. In a moment of silence after the clapping, but before the next act, I could not restrain myself from saying aloud that I thought this was a public school!? A non denominational environment!? I had a family in front of me turn, nod and smile as if to agree with my statement. I'm guessing they weren't the only ones either. Our school is made up of a number of nationalities, which is why I really love it so much. I grew up in a primarily white community and I didn't want that for my kids. I wanted there to be more diversity in their lives; I wanted to raise them in an atmosphere that appreciates and embraces all cultural differences we moved.. here! We do not practice religion in our home, however we live amongst spirituality and higher consciousness in a secular sense. Until this evening I haven't worried that my children would be exposed to christian based teachings. (And 'christian' is not capitalized on purpose by the way) At least not without other religious ways being referred to also so as to not have a preachy, biased, christian superiority feel hovering over. And tonight it did. Unfortunately the concert was tainted by this narrow mindedness and I could not focus for the remainder out of fury. We have the best most warm hearted principal our school has seen and some wonderful, caring teachers on staff. It's just such a shame these public school children are being taught with such limited perspective all because 'the many' believe christianity is of the utmost highest regard.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Danny Bhoy On National Symbols

I'm sure this is posted elsewhere on my blog already, but I like it so here it is again:

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